You Don't Have Time to Waste When Someone Is Missing

Search and rescue drones can speed up your search in Casper, WY

If you work with a local fire department or police station, you've likely dealt with search and rescue missions. These are especially common in the winter, when outdoor activities go wrong. You and your team want to use every resource available to find and save missing people, and you can when you team up with Rocky Mountain Unmanned Aerial Services.

Our search and rescue drones can help you spot missing persons faster, so that you don't waste critical moments on your search. You'll cover large distances quickly, which can help you focus your rescue efforts and increase the chances of survival for potential victims.

Ask us for more information on our drones now. You can call us at 307-277-9519 to speak with an experienced search and rescue drone pilot in Casper, WY.

Top-quality equipment for faster results

When you work with us, you'll get the resources you need to find victims faster. Our search and rescue drones come with multiple batteries and chargers in the field. That way, you won't lose power over large spaces or long time periods. Plus, our drones can detect heat signatures. That means people will show up on scans more obviously.

Aide your search and rescue efforts in the Casper, WY area today. Our search and rescue drone operators will be happy to answer any questions.